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Febuary 22, 2022

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Join the U.S. Department of Education on Friday, March 4, 2022, at 1 pm for a conversation about how the higher education community can support Afghan newcomers and other refugee groups.
Our nation’s institutions and systems of higher education serve our communities in many capacities: as education and training leaders, as connectors and conveners, as housing providers, and much more. Higher education plays a vital role in shaping our country and increases opportunities for upward and social mobility.
This webinar will explore how higher education partners can extend their services to Afghan evacuees and refugees more broadly and support their successful transition into our country and respective communities. We will learn how our institutions and systems are rising to the occasion and providing an array of supports and opportunities to Afghan evacuees, such as school supplies for children, housing, workforce development, translation services, etc. Finally, we will also discuss how our education system can support them in pursuing new skills and credentials.  
Guests include:

  • Diya Abdo, Every Campus A Refuge and Guilford College
  • Shelly Calabrese and Ali Schaeffing, Russell Sage College
  • Jennifer Fish, Old Dominion University
  • Patty Perillo, University of Maryland
  • President DeRionne Pollard and Anthony Ruiz, Nevada State College
  • Nancy Zimpher, National Association of System Heads

Register today HERE.  We also invite you to submit questions in advance of the webinar on the registration page.
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ECAR Launches Map Tool

January 25, 2022

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Greensboro, NC – Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR) is launching a new map tool that allows users to visualize higher education support for refugee resettlement across the country. The Partnerships for Establishing Resettlement Campuses Map Tool shows potential partnerships between local resettlement agencies, colleges and universities, refugee service providers, and advocacy organizations to facilitate the development of local ecosystems for refugee resettlement support as well as the creation of ECAR Chapters (campuses hosting refugees on campus grounds under the ECAR model).

“The ECAR map will help those interested in establishing ECAR in their community by allowing campuses to identify their local refugee resettlement agencies and vice versa. It will give folks a birds-eye view of the local resources that can be mobilized to welcome new arrivals,” said Dr. Diya Abdo, Founder and Director of ECAR. “We are excited about this map’s contribution to reshaping the refugee resettlement landscape in the US.”

Check out the map here or visit:

We encourage universities and colleges as well as refugee resettlement organizations, service providers, and advocacy groups to share this map with community members, stakeholders, and partners.

If your organization is not on the ECAR map, please fill out this brief form so it can be added:

About ECAR
ECAR mobilizes partnerships between colleges and universities and local resettlement agencies to provide newcomers with free temporary housing on campus as well as community support. The program provides a softer landing and more dignified beginning for newcomers and enhances the educational, research, and service missions of colleges and universities. The flagship campus at Guilford College has hosted 66 refugees thus far and is currently hosting 15 Afghan evacuees. To learn more about ECAR visit our website at