Thank you, ECAR volunteers!

Every Campus a Refuge thrives because of our wonderful volunteers. We are incredibly grateful for the ways our volunteers create a softer landing for our newly arrived refugee families, whether it is by tutoring, moving furniture, donating, creating fundraisers, making art, taking guests to the grocery store, providing transportation, going to conferences, or just building relationships with our guests. As we celebrate a chaotic and confusing end to the semester, we wanted to thank our volunteers for all of the hard work they’ve done this year. 

Ree Ree Wei

Ree Ree is minoring in Forced Migration and Resettlement Studies. She has represented ECAR at 2 conferences and has created a 5-minute documentary about one of ECAR’s families. She also spoke at “Shifting Worlds.” She loves that ECAR brings comfort to newly arrived refugees, and the warmth and care that volunteers provide to our guests.

Cade Wooten

Cade is a sophomore at Guilford College and assists our guests by providing transportation, tutoring, and shopping. They love the relationships they’ve created with families their past two years at Guilford. Last year, they volunteered over a hundred hours in just one semester!

Juliana Hubbard

Juliana is a first-year at Guilford College and volunteers by tabling, donation sorting, and checking on families.

Angela Morrow

Angela is a senior at Guilford College with a Business major and ECAR minor. She loves collecting donations to help refugees start their new life with all of the resources they need. She has also represented ECAR at many conferences!

Meriam Mckey

Meriam works for the Marketing Department at Guilford College as a researcher. She really admires the way ECAR volunteers work through language barriers to meet the needs of our guests. 

Jim Hood

Jim is a professor of English at Guilford College and has been a volunteer for 4 years. He often helps with transporting guests and furniture to ensure a swift moving process.

Kate Hood Seel

Kate retired as a Quaker Outreach Coordinator at Guilford College in 2018, but that didn’t stop her from continuing to volunteer with ECAR. She is currently tutoring members of the Al Khasrachi family who have long since left campus. She has become extremely close with the family and is honored to be an ECAR volunteer!

Kathleen Herbst

Kathleen began volunteering in 2017 and later graduated from Guilford with a minor in ECAR. She loved that it allowed her to become more connected to the greater Greensboro community. She is now the Program Coordinator, so she manages volunteers, tasks, and other needs for the organization. 

Hali Kohls

Hali served as the Program Coordinator for two years and now sits on the Board. Her favorite part about volunteering is assisting families with everyday tasks like navigating bank websites, scheduling appointments, which are skills she says she takes for granted in her own life. She believes that if more people recognized what they had to offer, they would go a step further to help.

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