Walid Mosarsaa

Walid Mosarsaa graduated from Guilford College in 2016. He joined the
ECAR team early on as a volunteer, later becoming ECAR’s inaugural
program coordinator through an alumni fellowship with the Center for
Principled Problem Solving . An advocate for refugee causes, Walid’s
passion comes from his background. He was born in Amman, Jordan, the
grandson of Palestinian refugees fleeing Jerusalem in the 1948 War.
Having witnessed the Second Intifada as a child in the West Bank, and
firsthand the Syrian refugee crisis while visiting family in Jordan,
Walid has been moved to dedicate his time, energy, and skills to help

Walid is inspired by ECAR’s approach to the global refugee crisis, and
how it was able to mobilize college communities across the U.S. Walid
is currently completing a fellowship with Quaker Voluntary Service in
Philadelphia, PA at Friends Rehabilitation Program, and affordable
housing agency guided by Quaker testimonies. He also currently sits on
the board of Every Campus a Refuge.