Kathleen Herbst

Kathleen Herbst is the current Program Coordinator and Outreach Specialist for Every Campus A Refuge at Guilford College.

Kathleen has been involved in ECAR since 2017 as a student volunteer at Guilford College. She was actively involved while getting her degree in English & Media Studies and minors in Political Science and Forced Migration & Resettlement Studies. Her work as an AmeriCorps member her senior year strengthened her conviction in the belief that meaningful, compassionate resettlement services are crucial to a successful start here in the United States.

After graduating in 2019, Kathleen served as the part-time Program Coordinator for the Guilford College chapter of ECAR.  Since January of 2022, Kathleen has been hired full-time to expand efforts on Guilford College’s campus, as well as instructing interested campuses on Best Practices of ECAR. She serves as the liaison between volunteers and guests, and aims to create a welcoming environment for both groups to interact.