Jonathan Maj

Jonathan Maj is 32 years old and born and raised in Greensboro, NC.  He is married to Jennifer Maj, who also volunteers a lot of time and energy to Every Campus a Refuge through digital media, print, and videography.  They have a very special cat, Buster, who loves nothing more than to sit in between them (wherever they are) and demand petting.

His current job is as a senior digital product manager at a mortgage insurance company in downtown Greensboro.  He manages multiple web applications to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience utilizing our services.

He first heard about Every Campus a Refuge in late 2015, shortly after its inception, from a news article online.  At the time, he was volunteering as the Treasurer of the board for Deep Roots Market, a local cooperative grocer.  One of the main principles of cooperative business is concern for community and of course social responsibility.  He felt that as a grocer, they had all of the assets needed to help a family get on their feet.  He called Guilford College to get in contact with Diya, and quickly became a local partner to provide welcome packages with food and toiletries, fundraising events, and promote partnership.  He has worked with Every Campus A Refuge as a community coordinator and now serves as Secretary Treasurer on the board of directors.