The AHLAN Manual

The AHLAN Manual is the premier implementation guide for making higher education institutions welcoming to refugees. It provides easy to adapt guidance for establishing resettlement campuses: colleges or universities that mobilize resources to provide refugee newcomers with resettlement and integration support, all while deepening local community ties, and educating the public about refugee issues. AHLAN’s sections provide context on the refugee resettlement process in the U.S., how to find and build a pool of advocates, and tools and resources for students, staff, faculty, and administrators to map out a refugee “ecosystem” on campus and in the local community.

With materials and toolkits ranging from advocacy to planning to assessment to collaboration, AHLAN is designed to adapt to the unique assets and hyperlocal needs of each campus. Additionally, AHLAN prepares campuses to collaborate closely with neighboring communities, fostering resettlement ecosystems that encourage a deep sense of belonging for refugees on and off campus.

Based on research conducted by Guilford College faculty and students, AHLAN is grounded best practices, and strategies used by colleges and universities to support refugee inclusion and is intended for a broad audience of students, staff, faculty, administrators, trustees, or anyone involved in postsecondary education.

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AHLAN (an Arabic term to express welcome) was created and published by Every Campus A Refuge and is sponsored by Welcoming America’s Fund to Foster Belonging, Refugee Resettlement Initiative of the National Association of System Heads (NASH), and Guilford College .